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Innovator alert: Application next edition starts January, 2018

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One -academic- year, every week on Friday. Next edition starts January 2018.

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Your idea, our business accelerator. Made to measure for you, by University top consultants and experts. The energy transition is crying out for new ideas and technologies. Technical, scientifical, societal. Got an idea? We know how to move you forward.

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De energietransitie zoekt dringend nieuwe ideeën en toepassingen.

Heb je een nieuw idee ? Dan brengen wij je verder:

Energy Venture Lab is er voor nieuwe én bestaande bedrijven met ambitie om verder en sneller te groeien.

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Energy Venture Lab info-meetup

More information about the Energy Venture Lab in the Energybarn is coming soon.

Let’s talk business

Our programme is available to people with energy-related ideas and business ventures with potential to upscale and expand to international proportions.

For free, for you

We offer a full, expert accelerator programme to entrepreneurial people with innovative, energy-related ideas and ambitions. For free. Funding is offered by governmental and corporate partners. Because we need you.

The success of Startup Fast Track

Before Energy Venture Lab there was Startup Fast Track. Several participants of the programme are very busy developing their great ideas in the energy transition.

Start-ups add value to the energy transition. Energy Venture Lab is set up to assist startups and entrepreneurs in their development. The programme gives partners in EVL such as ENGIE, Gasunie and GasTerra first critical access to talented innovators.

Pieter de Jong

Manager Operations, ENGIE

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Need more information?

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