What's in it for you, what's in it for us

We offer a full, expert accelerator programme to entrepreneurial people with innovative, energy-related ideas and ambitions. For free, no costs: for the right candidates and upon selection, funding is offered by governmental and corporate partners. Because we need you.

What does it take

You give your time and dedication. One year, 1 day every week (Friday). Language: English.Upon selection, we offer you the full program. For free. Because we need you.
Do you have any questions? Please contact Cees-Jan Groen:

The Energy Venture Lab programme offers

  • Weekly training sessions on subjects like product development, marketing, strategy, finance, entrepreneurial skills
  • A fully custom-made programme based on personal, team and business development needs (choose from more than 60 different courses)
  • Expert coaching
  • Access to an international network of business and knowledge partners, including potential launching customers, partners and financiers
  • Easy access to testing facilities such as EnTranCe (Energy Transition Center)
  • Our network into Universities, government and corporate partners
  • Access and introduction to investors and venture capital

Smart ideas and entrepreneurship: they are out there and we need them to join the energy transition. Right now, right here.

Maurits Alberda

Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Energy Academy Europe

Who can join

Anyone with a great idea, product innovation, a new service or plan related to the energy system. It can be a new business or a service, a device or a support programme. Anything related to the energy transition. We welcome:


  • startups
  • companies with -international- ambitions
  • Small & Medium Enterprises
  • corporate and institutional R & D-teams
  • researchers and PhD-candidates
  • students and alumni
  • entrepreneurial people with the ambition to start their own company


Do you want to join Energy Venture Lab? In order to apply, your idea or business should be an innovative product or service related to one of the following themes:

  • Smart Grids (gas, electricity and/or heat)
  • Energy savings or CO2 reduction
  • Transparency of energy use
  • Smart Cities and Smart Buildings (including logistics)
  • Renewable Energy and Decentralized Power Generation
  • Efficient Management and Expansion of Gas and Electricity Networks

Upon selection, free participation in Energy Venture Lab is subject to the conditions in the De-Minimis programme ; participants must comply.